The Cupid and Venus Wedding Package Come To Life

January 8, 2016 by davinca

Ok so I am a little late on sharing this post (typical Tashhh style yes hehe) written back in November for a gorgeous October 31st wedding, this day is still very much prevalent in my heart.

Here is what I had to say –

Another fairytale came true on Saturday with the exchange of some very touching vows on the steps of Da Vince’s very own custom made castle..

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Da Vince’s Roman Wonderland is a magical place, a place built of everlasting stone, a place that emits an energy so special, so captivating and it is with this that dad and I believe marriages that take place in this realm will last a lifetime..
A big call yes I know, but it’s what we hope and dream of, it’s what we believe, how we feel and we are sticking to it! 

Nikki and Wade, thank you for choosing us!
From the morning when we helped highlight your beauty, to serving you and your beautiful mum and girls a continental breakfast to getting you dressed and preparing you to take that first step down the aisle, up the red carpet towards your prince where you so beautifully became husband and wife it was a true delight! A moment I shall cherish and hold in my heart and memories forever! 

To all my past couples and all our future ones, each and everyone of you and your day hold a very special place in our hearts and we thank you for sharing your love with us!
❤  Natasha xxo

Venue and Breakfast catering by Da Vince’s
Hair and Makeup by Authentic Beauty by Natasha
Celebrant Chris Churchill of Ceremonies for Life and Love

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