The belief in myself now means I can truly believe in you!

November 4, 2014 by davinca

This is the first thing I layed my eyes on this morning and I couldn’t more thankful for this incredibly heartwarming and empowering start to my day. I laughed, I cried and the most glorious thing was that I could relate. What a truly remarkable teacher – this woman just gets it and I see her as a true inspiration.
Every word she spoke resonated with me, this is what I believe I am here for why through pure expression of passion and some earth angels that have been sent to me I have been given the opportunity to teach and how I am very quickly discovering my style of authenticity, mutual respect and belief in each and every children/person that sits before me that I will be, I am becoming and am a great success.

I so could have done with a person like this in my life but I made it anyway (36 years, however it is never too late) the beauty of me doing this the long hard way is that now I am here to be there for others, I can be this person for those that need a new style of teaching, someone that respects them and wants to help them learn. I have no expectations, no rule books just pure authenticity and honesty.
Will I come across those that will challenge me and make me want to cry? Heck yes! Will that make me crumble and walk away? Hell no!
The ones that make it the hardest are the ones that need it most. I know this, I was this.

My learning difficulties made me angry and I always felt like a failure. What happened from all that though is I learnt how to learn, in a way that worked for me.
It’s not conventional, it’s not proper and I am sure there may be many professionals in the industry that will frown upon me and what I am beginning to do and believe me this is just the beginning, I have big plans, workshops and lives to help develop but you know what? I no longer care.
You know why? because opinions of others that do not help or benefit myself or those I am here to help are no longer of no concern or interest to me.


I have a goal and true passion that requires only those who believe in me, themselves and supporting others.
My past 5 years working at Da Vince has seen me building a community, an extended family of like minded people and that is what it is all about. Surrounding yourself with the right people, supporting one another in their hopes an dreams. You are never too old, it’s never too late and you can make a difference to others you just need to work on yourself first which is one of the hardest yet most rewarding tasks you will ever do, once you do this the world truly can be and is your oyster.

I am here to help people of all ages do exactly that with my glam bogan tips and tricks on all things beauty inside and out. From style to anxiety to finding your true passion I am your one stop shop for all things Authentic, playful, lighthearted and fun so that you too can live the life you always dreamed.

Believe in yourself as I believe in you ❤

Happy Wednesday beautiful people :) xx

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