Sometimes a Hug From Your Mum is All You Need to Regain Hope

January 5, 2015 by davinca

I am so sorry we have been so quiet on here. As many of you know our families have been in the thick of the current situation in Sampson Flat.

We are all ok, thank you to everyone who has reached out to us. Your love and thoughts means so very much to us!

To all our wonderful customers, brides & grooms, our lil Roman wonderland in the heart of One Tree Hill is safe and sound for now.

To any of you beautiful people,  animals, volunteers & heroic fire fighters affected by this situation, my heart and thoughts are with each and every one of you. If I can help with anything please know I am here for you all.

For now I thought I would share with you all a moment of our lives yesterday… 

Not able to rest my mind I decided to try again to get to mum and dad. As I drove up Black Top Hill Road I began to feel positive and hopeful as the smoke that previously surrounded us had dissipated, up and over the hill I go and then I see the lights – Damn road block!

There is only one police car this time so I feel hopeful, I proceed towards him and explain I am delivering supplies to my mum and dad who have not left their home since fire first broke out, he says “no problem, go ahead”


Feeling momentarily on top of the world, I zoom ahead smiling like a scene out of Thelma and Louise that’s until I see the same police woman as earlier before, the second road block is still in place I drive up to her and tell her that the other policeman said I could go through, she asks for my ID and then sees I don’t live there and denies me Gutted, my heart drops to the floor..I explained what I was doing once again and said that unfortunately she hadn’t received word that the danger had been lifted, she apologised for being a ball breaker (bless her cotton socks!) but this time mum could come out to meet me YAAAY!!

I pulled to the side an waited for mum to come…

These photo’s were taken while I waited..

10300784_10204484190638710_2548552606119034269_n 10415667_10204484189998694_6681650691298807004_n

So many fire trucks going in and out, cops, ambulance the works..

At last my mum arrives, driven by my uncle Lou who lives near by. Seeing her walk towards me ..Oh shit my eyes are filling with tears again writing this..I threw my arms around her and tried hard not to sob in her arms. She assured me her and dad are ok, filling up with tears now she tells me off for making her cry. I hugged her again and as she is saying “don’t worry, everything is ok” another fire truck goes by and I am like “mum we are stuck at a road block and we are fearing your safety and that of our animals and home..ummm I think that’s a fair cause for concern haha we have a laugh, hug again and then away she goes…

I cannot begin to tell you the array of emotions I have just experienced! I am so happy that I was able to see at least one of my parents. It has been a long and emotionally draining three days.

At this stage their home, uncle Lou and uncle Tony’s are all safe and the fires have moved away. We are still unable to get into see them an danger is still ahead with the weather changes predicted but we will remain positive and hopeful.

To all my friends who are in similar situations, my heart is with you all! If there is anything I can do to help anyone please don’t hesitate to ask. Tomorrow I will be going through my clothes and belonging preparing to donate what I can.

Much love Da Vince family xx

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