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  1. The Cupid and Venus Wedding Package Come To Life

    January 8, 2016 by davinca

    Ok so I am a little late on sharing this post (typical Tashhh style yes hehe) written back in November for a gorgeous October 31st wedding, this day is still very much prevalent in my heart.

    Here is what I had to say –

    Another fairytale came true on Saturday with the exchange of some very touching vows on the steps of Da Vince’s very own custom made castle..

    12188995_799410630168115_8145631395578522957_n  12191049_799410276834817_3567870961570305567_n 12191820_799410620168116_6615877678783124245_n 12191926_799410323501479_8144084286138429262_n 12193382_799410313501480_3573349829924763866_n 12196313_799410316834813_5184291711630632796_n


    Da Vince’s Roman Wonderland is a magical place, a place built of everlasting stone, a place that emits an energy so special, so captivating and it is with this that dad and I believe marriages that take place in this realm will last a lifetime..
    A big call yes I know, but it’s what we hope and dream of, it’s what we believe, how we feel and we are sticking to it! 

    Nikki and Wade, thank you for choosing us!
    From the morning when we helped highlight your beauty, to serving you and your beautiful mum and girls a continental breakfast to getting you dressed and preparing you to take that first step down the aisle, up the red carpet towards your prince where you so beautifully became husband and wife it was a true delight! A moment I shall cherish and hold in my heart and memories forever! 

    To all my past couples and all our future ones, each and everyone of you and your day hold a very special place in our hearts and we thank you for sharing your love with us!
    ❤  Natasha xxo

    Venue and Breakfast catering by Da Vince’s
    Hair and Makeup by Authentic Beauty by Natasha
    Celebrant Chris Churchill of Ceremonies for Life and Love

  2. Da Vince’s High Tea Wedding Ceremony and Reception in the Advertiser

    by davinca

    What a wonderful surprise this was!

    12105831_10206467280094707_2676072484725654455_n 12107078_10206467281174734_9033503403174967440_n
    12107091_10206467280374714_2766888580069774367_n 12115659_10206467280214710_1732929242326479191_n

    Not only is this a magnificent write up of a magical Wedding day Ceremony and High Tea reception here at  venue Da Vince’s with hair and makeup by myself and beauty partner in crime Karla at Authentic Beauty by Natasha
    but it is showcasing some incredibly special people (Tanya & Matt) who thanks to them choosing us to help in their special day, I now call my very dear friends

    Venue and High Tea catering by Da Vince’s
    Hair and Makeup by Authentic Beauty by Natasha
    Pretty flowers by Bella In Bloom
    Cupcake wedding cake by Sweet Treat Cakes
    Stunning Photography by Little Car Photography
    Celebrant Chris Churchill of Ceremonies for Life and Love
    Suits and dresses by Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal centre
    Rings by Grahams Jewellers

  3. Great Loss and So Much Love

    June 11, 2015 by davinca

    Here is an explanation as to why I have been away from all social media for the past 8 weeks…and now why I may not return to my usual sparkly self for a little while longer.. after what I had hoped would be a chance to heal another deep dark cloud has emerged into my heart and over my being..

    The first part of this was written last Friday night.

    I am not exactly sure where to start..

    8 weeks ago on Tuesday Woj and I’s life was instantly turned upside down and into a spin of shock and terrible heartache upon the arrival of two policemen on our door step.

    I was just about to step out the door to go into the office for a photo shoot for the Advertiser for a story they were covering for Kwasi Studios when I saw the car pull up in front of our house. Instantly I panicked thinking to myself and out loud to Bella and Emily “oh my gosh what have I done?” I scrambled my memory trying to think if I had speed or..oh I don’t know I haven’t done anything but I was panicking..At this point they are still sitting in the car for what felt like forever..Finally they step out and as they walk up the driveway true panic sets in, they are coming for me for sure..Any other reason didn’t even enter my thought process..Nervously I open the door and step out the front where they proceeded to tell me news that would change our lives forever…

    I shut the door and step inside where Bella is awaiting to hear what is happening and I fall into her arms the reality of what has been said, what has happened kicks in and tears flood helplessly from my eyes…My mother instinct kicks in within seconds and pull myself together, pull out all the strength I have to take the next steps before me..Find somewhere for the kids to go now and to call Woj to advise him that the shoot needs to be cancelled but I can’t tell him why, I am on my way to the office..That drive was filled with tears and a panicked and scared call to my mum for strength..How do I tell the man I love with all my heart and soul whilst he is at work and preparing for what is a wonderful thing for us news that will rip his world right out from under his feet..??

    The next two weeks were a living nightmare, the tasks we had in front of us that..well..there are no words…I have lost sadly too many people in my life over recent years and each and everyone brings a new and different level of pain and confusion. This time however we were faced with handling every bit of detail right down to packing up dad’s home that very week and watching directly the man I love, my heart and soul lose a parent..It is a pain so many, everyone in fact at one time or another must endure but losing a parent or a child at a young age is a whole new level, a pain that is unimaginable.

    I have lost two significant young people in my life, to see my husband lose his parent at such a young age brought a whole new level of pain and suffering..There is so much to handle, formalities and legalities that interfere with the grieving process, it is harsh, so cruel but reality never the less.

    After two weeks of taking time off to handle dad’s affairs we had to return to work, work had piled up even greater, the stresses and pain all so consuming. I had put aside my pain, any grieving and my still imminent depression which has been plaguing me since last year for Woj during this time but when he went away for a week to Sydney for work three weeks in my feelings were unleashed and I had never felt more alone..at the same time I needed to be alone..Friends at this point had started noticing that

    I was missing from social media and concerned begun to message and reach out but I withdrew further into my shell. It was all becoming too much, I was burying feelings, hiding away from the world managing the bare basics and juggling my at times four jobs and quite frankly..drowning…

    On Saturday we will be able to say our final goodbye’s with a private service here at Da Vince (my family home) to celebrate the life of my father in law Peter Kwasniewski.


    The lead up to this day has been an array of emotions.. I for many weeks had been planning on writing this but no time ever seemed the right time and every day has been filled with on an average 14hr days with an ever growing list longer than Santa’s and the longer I stayed away the harder it has gotten to come back..perhaps the thought of sitting here and writing this, the reality of it all was too much to face.. As to when I will have the gumption and the strength to post this I do not know.

    I sit here now in the office after a very long day, it’s 6.30pm Friday the 6th of June.. I have taught at the Hive and been in meetings and working non stop since I woke..I am exhausted I am spent..but the words are finally flowing somewhat..Across the office Woj is preparing the words for me to say tomorrow, the music to play and then the hardest of all things so far possibly – he has to write his feelings down for what he wants to say.. Just 7 sentences ago upon hearing Woj play Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley I burst into tears..The reality set upon me and as I approach him it hits us both..Typically a service is done within one to two weeks but as my brother and sister in law set upon their long awaited 5 week USA trip one week after the news hit us we had to wait till their return. The time has come..We are arranging a very intimate service with our closest family and friends. We have no idea what we are doing, we are creating this on our own in the best way we can to honour a man, our father whom we miss so very much. This place we call home shall never be the same without him here. It is now that I once again find myself hoping and praying that there is in actual fact life after death..that death is not final, that the spark, the spirit within lives on, that our body we reside in is only our Earth’s transportation..I need to believe we will meet our loved ones again..To believe anything else would simply cause too much pain..

    It is here that we left the office..What I had at last begun to write and ended..Action mode was set back in as we went home to prepare the final arrangements…Saturday morning we woke to the sun shining brightly through the curtains..It was a bitter sweet shine..I was happy to see the sun knowing that if the weather was pleasant we could proceed with holding the service on the steps of Roma Bella, the castle/stage that my father had been working hard to complete and prepare for us to use for weddings and now for a service :(

    A slight sense of hope washed over me that now we could slowly heal and move forward..this year which had so far from day 2 with the fires and everything that followed had filled us with so much struggle..We could look forward to the good stuff to come, our holiday in a few weeks and moving office when we return.

    The whole morning was a blur, we rushed around preparing everything and arrived at mums to set up an hour or so before it was then that I would be told of more tragic news..Mum was not there as she has rushed to the hospital as one of our long time customers who had become family has been taken to hospital after suffering a heart attack. My sister was hoping mum would be back before I arrived so that they didn’t have to tell me till after the service..

    Tim was a very dear friend to us, for 5 years pretty much every single Sunday night he would come for dinner and we would sit with him and share stories of our lives, he was a grandfather and a friend. I knew he was sick and had called him the previous week to check in on him. He was a stubborn old man and despite my tears and expression of deep concern as many of us had shared with him about getting to the hospital, he played it all down and said he would be fine but he wasn’t fine, he had suffered a heart attack and had a multitude of illness that the dr had been mistreating.

    My heart fell to the floor..I am here to say farewell and to perform a service for my father in law and now to face this..I try to pull myself together once again as I do not want Woj to see or know of this. We are here for his dad, this day is about him but on the inside I am torn, I am afraid and I am hurting even more. As we are setting up dad K’s pictures and candles Woj notices something is wrong as tries to pull the information out of me. I resist but see that it is causing him frustration now so must reveal. This doesn’t go well. Understandable Woj is struggling, this day is about his dad he feels hurt and walks away leaving me to set up in tears and confusion. I can’t blame him but I am mad, I sad, I am lost but focused on the task at hand. We manage to talk it out a little, he understands and knows what Tim means to me, the timing is terrible but I am assure him I am here 100% He offers me an out to go to the hospital which I know was so hard for him, I am here for him and I will stand by his side.

    Inside I am scared, I need to go to the hospital, I need to go tell Tim that I love him, he doesn’t have any children, only distant extended family and few friends who too are like family. Tim and I share a very special love, he often told me if he was 40 years younger he would marry me hehe he was a gentle and funny man. Deep down I know that this visit to the hospital may be the end..but I must be here now, fully present for Woj, for Paul, for my father in law who I miss so very much, he was a funny and loving man also. I must deal with one thing at a time.


    We completed the service, it was so beautiful. Woj’s words were so incredibly brave and heartfelt. He took so much courage to stand up and say what he did. I feel so proud of him and of what we achieved. Everyone had eaten and chatted and a few of us are to come back to our home for a few drinks and pizza. My auntie will be visiting Tim on her way home and has asked me if I would like to go. I am torn, I want to go but don’t want to abandon Woj. If I wait till morning what if I am too late? I make the decision to put my husband first but thankfully he hears this and encourages me to go. I know how terribly hard this is for him, he never had the chance to say goodbye to his dad..What a terrible rough and heart wrenching day..

    I let everyone know what’s happening, to make themselves in our home and I shall return and meet them within the hour. We arrive at the hospital and many of Tim’s friends are there excited to see me, telling me how happy he will be to see me. I walk into the room and there he his all hooked up to machines but his face lights up when he sees us. I am able to squeeze his hand, kiss his cheek deeply upon hello and goodbye and tell him how much I love him and that I always will…and here with the tears again..dammit this is hard!

    When we could no longer look after our cat Ily due to travel, Tim took her in and upon explaining what ILY (I love you)meant he would often say it to me..Tim repeated ILY to me twice into which I replied ILY forever. As we walked away I felt void, not sad, not happy just empty..I arrived back home and entertained our friends to early hours and was up early for work all day Sunday and Monday. As I arrived to work I felt sick, unsure if I was coming down with something..I discussed with Emily and mum that I have a feeling that may have been my last goodbye to Tim..Later that day he was taken into ICU he was stable but as I was not feeling well I couldn’t go back to the hospital at risk of exposing any germs to him.

    On Monday evening after work we had to take my mother in law to the airport so I had decided to take Bella & Jai who had not yet been to see Tim to the hospital on Tuesday after school, however this did not happen as I received a phone call from mum on the way to the airport that Time has left us…:( despite the feeling I had that was so strong that I had said my final goodbye, dad and I still held out hope that he would fight to see another year…Sunday nights will never be the same again..We shall forever reserve table 2 for your Tim, dad is working on one now that will have your name and photo’s in it.


    So it turns out on Saturday I said goodbye to two very special men in my life, one a father in law and the other a grandfather/friend. I really am not sure how much more I can take atm but at the same time I am sure it’s a lot for I truly believe from all that has happened and continues to happen, what life throws at us that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger..but I can’t help but want to end that with..it does eventually kill you, it gets all of us at one point or another..We never know when will be our last moment, our last conversation, interaction, hug, kiss, laughter, hello or goodbye..

    I want to savour every minute I have, I want to give more, share more, love harder and laugh deeper and louder but at the same time I sit here hiding away from the world, facing what I must, managing the bare basics but unable to do any more. I am drowning in emotions and an excessive workload that doesn’t allow me to socialize much. I am doubting that I should be producing any more video’s, sharing any more blogs, photos and status..I am my own yin and yang…Usually I can rise above it just enough that the dark doesn’t over power..I am so unsure, so lost right now..I will rise again yes, I will shine brighter than ever before again yes..but for now, for today as with the past many many months (nearly a year) and now I am unsure when or how much longer..I am focusing on my family, my students and our staff. I am not giving my best, I can feel it and see it but it is the best I have to give for now.

    Tim’s funeral is on Wednesday, I am so glad that it is not too long to wait.

    I am incredibly grateful my husband allowed me to go to the hospital so that I was able to tell a wonderful 85 year old man how much I loved him <3

    Dad K we will create a DVD night in honour of your love for movies and will always make sure we turn up our music extra loud for you :)

    Despite all the pain and suffering in life I am grateful for so much more and shall allow the good to outweigh the bad.

    I am grateful to all who came to the service and to all who have reached out to me, acknowledging I had been missing and checking I was ok.I have been a terrible friend and for that I deeply apologize for not getting back to you all.

    I am grateful for having an amazing family who are my rock and light.

    I am grateful for having a holiday to go on in 26 days, 20 hrs and 26 sec (not that I am counting but my countdown app is ;) which will allow Woj and I a much needed break and time to rediscover ourselves, where we are going and what it is all about.

    I am grateful for the experiences life has given me and us for they have made us so much stronger.

    I am grateful for being alive, for being able to walk, talk, run, hear and see.

    I am grateful to have jobs that allow me to to teach young girls the power of love and life, bride and grooms to share in their special day, a company and a team of staff that I have a special part in building and improving and a Cafe/Venue that is the reason why I know so many of you and the very reason Tim was able to become a part of our family.

    I am grateful to have known Peter and Tim….For as the saying goes,  it is better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved before ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



    March 10, 2015 by davinca

    Firstly, on behalf of my family I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our customers, family and friends for your continued support over the last 5 years.

    Over the last 6 months we have been looking through the past 5 years of our records financially. Unfortunately we haven’t been as busy as we like and due to an increase in overhead costs, inability to pay wages to ourselves and having to over extend our finances to pay relief staff to help us when we are sick or just need a break or even a helping hand on really busy days, that we are now starting to find it very difficult to stay running. But please don’t panic yet we are not closing our doors.

    Mum and Dad have poured their heart and soul into building this business for their daughter’s and we have to do what we can to help survive through the tough times. I know that if we got a Liquor License that we would suddenly increase our popularity 200x but that is not what our foundation is based on. Yes, we would love the extra income but I truly believe that if we were to do this for the Café, we would be selling out and this business would lose the principles in which it was built on to start with.
    I’m not going to lie, it has been very tough especially these last 6 months and the stress has been evident on Mum and Dad. We work hard and to not see results is devastating. What dad has created and built here is beyond belief. He has worked hard under extreme circumstances and continues even though his body is breaking down. For those who don’t know my dad he has Severe Cervical Spinal Stenosis which has caused severe degeneration of the muscles mainly in his left arm currently. He does need to have surgery but will not have it done yet, due to the cost of the surgery being out of reach. On top of this he refuses to have it until his work is completed and enough money has been generated to support his family.


    The master himself, our hero, our best friend, our dad – Da Vince His smile truly lights up our hearts.

    Ultimately dad wants to be able sell his Roman architectural landscape designs, statues, one of kind seat settings, tables etc. He wants to see 1000s of couples being married in our Gazebo (Roma Bella – The Fountain of Secrets). The first wedding performed in Roma Bella brought him to tears from the sheer joy of watching his hard work be transformed into a beautiful setting for someone’s dream wedding day.


    Dad’s latest master pieces.


    As with all his art work, everything is fully customised, one of a kind built to last a lifetime. Da Vince originals. Get in quick and have him hand craft a piece for you before his work becomes a rare and precious item you wish you had but are no longer able. His work is second to none.


    Then there is mum, she works extremely hard every week baking her fruit pies, cheesecake and tarts from scratch. She works tirelessly in the kitchen cooking for everyone that walks through our doors and doesn’t complain.


    Mmm yum mum’s famous Lemon Meringue Pie, my favourite!! Tash x


    Nanna Rose strikes again! All home made with an abundance of love and mouth watering flavour, what more could you ask for when buying dessert??


    So, it is with all this in our minds that it is time for us to make major changes to our Opening Hours. As of August 2nd 2015 the below Trading will take effect. Along with this will also be changing our Menu to help reduce wastage and extra costs, we will be keeping All Day Breakfast but are going to make changes to Main Menu specifically.


    Monday CLOSED
    Tuesday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Wednesday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Thursday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Friday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Saturday CLOSED
    Sunday we will be OPEN on the FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH 9am till 3 pm

    Our focus is to increase our business in the area of Small Groups (Nursing Homes, Retirement Groups, Social Groups etc), Children’s Parties, High Tea, Weddings and Special Events. I will be working hard over the next few months to put together packages that will hopefully bring us an increase in business.

    We hope that you will continue to support us and we look forward to seeing you again.

    If you have any questions or would like to make any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be emailed direct via amy@davince.com.au or please contact me at the Café on 82807507 (if I am not available please leave a message and I will give you a call back)

    Please take a moment to view the pictures I have personally selected to share.

    All new opening times  and public holiday dates will be at the bottom of this page.


    Sleepy bear next to his buddy Leo the Lion :)


    A magical side view of dads beautiful staircase


    The first wedding to take place on the steps of dad’s castle. This was the wedding that filled dads eyes with beautiful, soft tears of joy. All his incredibly hard work came to life in that beautiful moment.


    Valentino hard at work helping his daddy, pops and uncle create this magical Roman Wonderland


    Our on site supervisor..Yes we have trained him well, jack of all trades this lil man! ;)


    One of dad’s favourite places to sit :) He doesn’t get to take many breaks but when he does this is how he recharges his soul. Sourcing the light and energy he has created through Roma Bella.


    Ahh the serenity, this little oasis is place that cannot be explained but must be felt.


    Dad’s heart fire place looks amazing lit at night..I think a Halloween party is in order this year here, we even have the cat to fit the pic of eerie and slightly spooky ;)


    This is also Caspers favourite spot to sit :)


    Kids themed birthday parties are always a treat for them just as much as us :)

    Easter 2015 Closure
    We will be closed on Thursday April 2nd and will Re-Open on Thursday April 9th

    Mother’s Day 2015
    We will be open from 12 pm till 5 pm – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

    June Long Weekend 2015
    We will be Open on Monday June 8th from 10.30 am till 3 pm

    July Holiday Closure 2015
    We be closed on Monday 29th of June and will Re-Open on Sunday August 2nd

    Monday CLOSED
    Tuesday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Wednesday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Thursday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Friday OPEN 10.30 am till 2.30 pm
    Saturday CLOSED
    Sunday we will be open on the FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH 9am till 3 pm

    October Long Weekend 2015
    We will be OPEN Sunday 4th from 10.30 am till 4 pm and Monday 10 am till 4 pm

    Once again, Thank You so much for all your support.
     Love Amy, on behalf of our all our family here at Art – Through Da Vince’s Eyes xx

  5. My 30 Day Challenge

    March 3, 2015 by davinca

    My 30 day challenge that was off to a not so great start…

    Ok so today I started off the day with this delicious berry smoothie, walked Bella to the bus stop and ran pretty much all the way back..I have actually never ran as far and for as long as I did which I am so incredibly proud of..I got home and pretty much collapsed on the bed but that is to be expected…


    What I am not proud of and must confess to is that yesterday I failed myself BIG TIME!! So much so that I spent the entire day stewing over it and was so un motivated that this post was written and re written in my head from morning to night with new additions to add but never made it out of my head. I was just that exhausted, lazy and ashamed perhaps..

    Now first let me start with what may sound like excuses, perhaps that’s exactly what they are but they are genuine “facts” and possible “causes” to me so they are important to my story.

    Saturday night I had decided that I would officially begin my 30 day challenge on Monday, you just cause Monday sounds like a nice clean day to start a new beginning..Woj was starting his on Sunday. Woj has a very defined one – To cut out all sweets and sugar. I on the other hand am not so clear..I know that that is too much of a direct ask seeing as sugar and sweets have become my addiction once again since returning from NYC last July. My diet has gone down hill and my waistline and over all well being has gone down with it. My firbo is flaring up, I constantly feel iky and bloated and my clothes just do not fit me as well. This is not good! I am quite simply too busy to neglect my body like this, I am opening myself up to getting sicker and less productive. I quite simply cannot afford to continue this way. To cut myself off to harshly too quickly will also set me up for failure so I must go slow. 3 years ago I lost 13kg over two years and cured myself from stage 3 toxaemia. I did things the right way and had never felt better in all my life. This is where I need to go back.

    Ok tangent Tash back to Sat night…So I also told a friend, yes Sophie-Ellen, I am looking at you kid wink emoticon on an inspiring post I shared that I would be starting Monday, let’s do this tighter. I was excited and pumped. My biggest mistake first off is that I still was not clear with what I was setting. I knew I was going to cut as much junk out as possible and walk for 30mins Monday to Friday. I hadn’t written it down yet though which is an incredibly important part of any goal setting and something I am researching at the moment and will be implementing in my new role as Happiness Officer at Kwasi Studios. Man I need to get my shit sorted and setting an example or how can I expect the staff to take me seriously??..back on track…back on track..

    Sunday at work was hard, we were non stop from 9 to 5pm and then I headed to the office and worked till 8pm. By the time I got home I was worn out and wrecked! Monday morning arrives and awake soo tired it’s as if I didn’t sleep at all. At this point I wonder if my body is fighting off a sickness, there is a lot going around..I get on with school runs etc and come home to begin work, check a few emails and my eyes are dropping..My ph alarm goes off telling me to go for a walk, I am so tired I can’t even eat breakfast let alone walk, I must lay down and close my eyes..An hour later I wake, still sluggish but with the mindset I just must get up. I have breakfast which I make a conscious effort to not put as much butter and jam on and get back to it. After an hour or so I am long vision again, back for another nap before school pick up..This now is unheard off, I do not nap, let alone twice in one day!! I must be getting sick..I think about the motivating post I am supposed to be writing and I fall asleep at the thought..I awake for school pick up, mind again on this darn post. I now feel like I am letting Sophie down as well as myself..
    “I guess the fact I was on my feet and active for 11 or so hours yesterday counts for a days worth of exercise right?”

    “I have only had toast and refrained from my choc biscuit s dipped in tea so that’s great right”
    All these desperate reasoning’s go around in my mind..

    Pick up Jai, homework, quick slap dash dinner and off to the city for Ja’s soccer. I haven’t eaten anything else. I sit in the car for an hour and half . I had all my work with me, I indented to write my motivation post but did nothing for the first 30mins other than play candy crush and cookie jam..The last hour I was on the phone dealing with some work issues..by the time Jai got in the car I was hungry, more tired and now emotionally drained further..
    On the way home I think about what I shall eat when I get home. Tea, toast and bed it is.
    That’s about the same point when my addiction for junk speaks up, just like a devil on my shoulder and says –
    “oh Hungry Jacks”
    “just one last time”
    “ come on, it’s ok you haven’t had lunch, let alone dinner” ..that’s when the behaviour really goes down hill, I think of Jai “yeah he must be hungry”
    Oh god..the angel jumps in “no that food is terrible, we don’t eat that and you most certainly don’t want to infect his body with that rubbish” but the devil wins I ask him, he lights up and in the drive through we go…

    At this point I am done with myself, I have hit my ultimate low..oh wait nope, not yet, that’s comes when I order 2 burgers..Yep that’s right just the crispy chicken burger and small fries was not enough for this little miss piggy, I needed that cheeseburger special thing they have been teasing me with on t.v lately (I rarely even watch t.v and only saw this thing once actually but that was all I needed) Now I have never (well maybe once like 15 years ago) ordered two burgers..
    ….Did I think this was my last supper?? We sat in the car and I demolished these things like it was the first time I have ever discovered the glory that is food and like it would also as I said be my last..Guilt and shame washed over me. I wiped my mouth clean and told Jai that we must never do that again and if I ever ask him again in a moment of weakness to say “no mum we don’t need that rubbish” he agreed and we continued our journey home.

    …. Whatever guilt I had felt previously that day, well now I was just an utter disgrace. Again I wrote this blog with my new added addition..Came home did what I needed to do and went to bed playing my games again. I was so disappointed inmyself and tired I checked out mentally.
    “tomorrow is a new day”

    And so it was and is..

    I woke up tired and a bit unwell but I was not going to fail. So what my journey didn’t begin on Monday, sometimes shit happens. Yes I failed miserably haha but that just means I know better and can do better and today I have. It’s 3.30pm and I have not had any sweets despite my devil whispering “sweet” nothings in my ear. I exercised, briefly but it was a start and had a smoothie. Slow and steady wins the race.

    So who is with me? Who would like to take a 30 day challenge with me? I will be doing a 30 day challenge for the rest of the year and beyond, however long it takes to make the positive changes I needed on all fronts of my life. Last year I did my 80 day video challenge and it had me filming for 9months nonstop. I still haven’t been able to keep up with the editing and posting but that’s because what came of that journey changed my life for the better. So many new opportunity’s came my way and I am a much greater person because of it all.
    Woj doesn’t think I should do it with anyone as it will set me up and give me added pressure but we all know I never do as I am told hehe and well I may mess up and so may you but it’s ok, we are human. As long as we are trying our best that’s all we can ever ask from ourselves and others.

    Be it with me or alone, I wish you all the positive strength to set yourself a challenge to better and improve yourself..Step by step, day by day we can reach our goals and dreams we just have to be willing to work for it! <3 Natasha

  6. Sometimes a Hug From Your Mum is All You Need to Regain Hope

    January 5, 2015 by davinca

    I am so sorry we have been so quiet on here. As many of you know our families have been in the thick of the current situation in Sampson Flat.

    We are all ok, thank you to everyone who has reached out to us. Your love and thoughts means so very much to us!

    To all our wonderful customers, brides & grooms, our lil Roman wonderland in the heart of One Tree Hill is safe and sound for now.

    To any of you beautiful people,  animals, volunteers & heroic fire fighters affected by this situation, my heart and thoughts are with each and every one of you. If I can help with anything please know I am here for you all.

    For now I thought I would share with you all a moment of our lives yesterday… 

    Not able to rest my mind I decided to try again to get to mum and dad. As I drove up Black Top Hill Road I began to feel positive and hopeful as the smoke that previously surrounded us had dissipated, up and over the hill I go and then I see the lights – Damn road block!

    There is only one police car this time so I feel hopeful, I proceed towards him and explain I am delivering supplies to my mum and dad who have not left their home since fire first broke out, he says “no problem, go ahead”


    Feeling momentarily on top of the world, I zoom ahead smiling like a scene out of Thelma and Louise that’s until I see the same police woman as earlier before, the second road block is still in place I drive up to her and tell her that the other policeman said I could go through, she asks for my ID and then sees I don’t live there and denies me Gutted, my heart drops to the floor..I explained what I was doing once again and said that unfortunately she hadn’t received word that the danger had been lifted, she apologised for being a ball breaker (bless her cotton socks!) but this time mum could come out to meet me YAAAY!!

    I pulled to the side an waited for mum to come…

    These photo’s were taken while I waited..

    10300784_10204484190638710_2548552606119034269_n 10415667_10204484189998694_6681650691298807004_n

    So many fire trucks going in and out, cops, ambulance the works..

    At last my mum arrives, driven by my uncle Lou who lives near by. Seeing her walk towards me ..Oh shit my eyes are filling with tears again writing this..I threw my arms around her and tried hard not to sob in her arms. She assured me her and dad are ok, filling up with tears now she tells me off for making her cry. I hugged her again and as she is saying “don’t worry, everything is ok” another fire truck goes by and I am like “mum we are stuck at a road block and we are fearing your safety and that of our animals and home..ummm I think that’s a fair cause for concern haha we have a laugh, hug again and then away she goes…

    I cannot begin to tell you the array of emotions I have just experienced! I am so happy that I was able to see at least one of my parents. It has been a long and emotionally draining three days.

    At this stage their home, uncle Lou and uncle Tony’s are all safe and the fires have moved away. We are still unable to get into see them an danger is still ahead with the weather changes predicted but we will remain positive and hopeful.

    To all my friends who are in similar situations, my heart is with you all! If there is anything I can do to help anyone please don’t hesitate to ask. Tomorrow I will be going through my clothes and belonging preparing to donate what I can.

    Much love Da Vince family xx

  7. Love, Rainbows and Sunshine!

    November 14, 2014 by davinca

    One of my students today expressed her sadness that our workshop will be ending in 4 weeks time. She told me she wished it went longer and didn’t have to end..Two of my students now have told me they are excited to take on new classes next year and are positive about what lies ahead of them…
    I cannot begin to tell you how much this warms my heart and fills my soul with all things love, rainbows and sunshine :P
    I too only a few weeks ago expressed the exact same thing to my peers, that I do not want these classes to be over and I want to offer more for these girls.
    To hear it come from a beautiful young girl that I have had the honour of seeing grow and develop in such a short space of time right in front of me..Well I just don’t have the words…I am overwhelmed with love, joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

    You see when I started this workshop it was from a dream, a desire to help others feel a little bit better about themselves, to be excited about the future regardless of the challenges they face and to walk away with a few beauty tips and tricks. I went into this class with no expectations. Only my hopes and dreams. I had no clue what I was doing and am pretty much winging it each and every week yet only 4 weeks in and my dream is being unfolded right before my very eyes.

    I personally have learnt so much from these girls already. My one hope for them to leave this class with some authentic beauty, a desire to try their best in life and to not be afraid to make mistakes and mess up is already very much present.


    With one dream in motion I have now created some new ones – To continue developing further classes and I am now in the planing stages of developing a workshop for teenage boys. I want to help as many as I can, to inspire the youth of today that regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you think, you CAN create an amazing life – You are enough just the way you are. It’s all about being inspired and Inspiring others to be the best that we all can be. ❤




  8. The belief in myself now means I can truly believe in you!

    November 4, 2014 by davinca

    This is the first thing I layed my eyes on this morning and I couldn’t more thankful for this incredibly heartwarming and empowering start to my day. I laughed, I cried and the most glorious thing was that I could relate. What a truly remarkable teacher – this woman just gets it and I see her as a true inspiration.
    Every word she spoke resonated with me, this is what I believe I am here for why through pure expression of passion and some earth angels that have been sent to me I have been given the opportunity to teach and how I am very quickly discovering my style of authenticity, mutual respect and belief in each and every children/person that sits before me that I will be, I am becoming and am a great success.

    I so could have done with a person like this in my life but I made it anyway (36 years, however it is never too late) the beauty of me doing this the long hard way is that now I am here to be there for others, I can be this person for those that need a new style of teaching, someone that respects them and wants to help them learn. I have no expectations, no rule books just pure authenticity and honesty.
    Will I come across those that will challenge me and make me want to cry? Heck yes! Will that make me crumble and walk away? Hell no!
    The ones that make it the hardest are the ones that need it most. I know this, I was this.

    My learning difficulties made me angry and I always felt like a failure. What happened from all that though is I learnt how to learn, in a way that worked for me.
    It’s not conventional, it’s not proper and I am sure there may be many professionals in the industry that will frown upon me and what I am beginning to do and believe me this is just the beginning, I have big plans, workshops and lives to help develop but you know what? I no longer care.
    You know why? because opinions of others that do not help or benefit myself or those I am here to help are no longer of no concern or interest to me.


    I have a goal and true passion that requires only those who believe in me, themselves and supporting others.
    My past 5 years working at Da Vince has seen me building a community, an extended family of like minded people and that is what it is all about. Surrounding yourself with the right people, supporting one another in their hopes an dreams. You are never too old, it’s never too late and you can make a difference to others you just need to work on yourself first which is one of the hardest yet most rewarding tasks you will ever do, once you do this the world truly can be and is your oyster.

    I am here to help people of all ages do exactly that with my glam bogan tips and tricks on all things beauty inside and out. From style to anxiety to finding your true passion I am your one stop shop for all things Authentic, playful, lighthearted and fun so that you too can live the life you always dreamed.

    Believe in yourself as I believe in you ❤

    Happy Wednesday beautiful people :) xx

  9. A Lifelong Dream Comes True!

    October 16, 2014 by davinca

    I am a little nervous and extremely excited for tomorrow as a lifelong dream of mine comes true..

    I will be doing one of the most important jobs I have ever done.

    When I think about it I have many important jobs, most importantly and at the top of my list I am a mum. Second a wife.

    I help run and represent my gorgeous family business Art – Through Da Vince’s Eyes where I welcome people to our home, ensure their served with love and are comfortable as I would any guest, family member or friend who comes in our home. I test the food before it is served (I eat a bit of each and every plate hehe just kidding!  I make every single cup of coffee and drink with love and care. Over what now has nearly been 5 years we have an abundance of regular customers and extended family members with new bonds been made every single Sunday when I am there serving once again.


    I am the person who meets our couples to be married; I am the point of call for the entire process along the way, in some cases this has been for over a year and half before their wedding date. I have ended up being a life coach/wedding planner with some, most recently over a phone call with my bride who was in QLD demanding she go try on her dress after admitting it had been 9 nearly a year since she last tried it on and she was too afraid. I had her drinking green tea and feeling restored that all would be ok.

    I instill calm and laughter into these beautiful women who are nervous and unsure of the process at times. I create friendships with them all and in most cases are there first thing on the wedding day morning to do their make up and have organized their hair, I help with them getting dressed and ready for the moment that they have all be waiting for. I am the one that works with the celebrant and the timing of the bridal parties’ entrance and the last person the bride sees before she makes her long awaited and nerve wracking journey down the red carpet to greet her husband to be.

    My family and I sit and watch every single ceremony take place. Once it comes times for the photo’s there I am again helping set up shots, fixing the dress so it looks it’s best. Most recently last weekend I was running around tracking down shoes for the flower girl who had blisters and was in need of something more comfy and providing band aids and comfort. I am there till the end when it’s time for everyone to leave. Hugs are shared and we are thanked profusely which always blows me away and touches me so deeply. We are being thanked for doing something we love, being involved in a couples most special day. I thank each and every one of my couples for choosing us and to their families also who share their lives and thank you’s with us too.


    As if all these jobs were not enough to fill my heart and life with grace. There is more – With my own business Authentic Beauty by Natasha I apply and teach make up for formals, special occasions and women of all ages


    As of tomorrow my Authentic Beauty coaching will be bought to life.
    I will be teaching 9 girls aged from 12 to 19 every Friday for the next 9 weeks of this term a very special program we developed especially for them. A programme I am determined to continually develop and improve on and deliver to as many girls as I can all over Adelaide.

    I would like to thank Danielle  and Mission Australia for this opportunity. For believing me and accepting me for who I am. Words alone simply cannot describe how grateful I am for this opportunity. To develop and teach a program based on all I believe in from my core centre. To teach others how to be Authentic, to shine from within and how to take care of yourself, to look and feel and always do your best is quite simply a dream come true!

    You see what some of you may not know is that I have ADD and moderate Dyslexia. I was left behind in school and dropped out as I was unable to learn and back then I was just viewed as troubled rather than a little girl who needed extra help. I had to go out into the world and learn everything the hard way.

    It wasn’t until I was 28 after I had destroyed my entire life that I realised something was seriously wrong and that I needed help desperately. At that stage I had also developed “Border Line personality” which was driving me to hurt myself and those around me on a daily basis. As a mother of two children I wanted nothing more than to be better so that they could learn the right things from me not the wrong. I spent two years every Friday in therapy, and have been spending every day of my life since then (8 years now) working on always improving and learning from my mistakes. I have in the past two years discovered how to learn most effectively for my abilities which has opened new doors and a world of information to me. I love to learn but am unable to do it in the conventional way. I struggle every single day with some tasks that are so simple to others but I now learn every minute of everyday and am now low and behold going to be teaching others..SHIT!! I am filling up with tears now..I am going to be a teacher omgomgomg!!

    I am here to show the world that your past, you struggles, your mistakes and flaws do NOT define you! What you do with your life and what you have been given and who you are within, how you treat yourself and others – that is what defines you.

    Back in high school I sat at the back of the class as a looser a troubled lil lost soul.

    Tomorrow 22 years later I will stand at the front of the class room and teach a part of what I have learnt, who I am. I have only shared a small part of the darkness I have endured; I do openly share it with anyone who asks. I have no secrets. I am an open book.

    I am an example of how ANYONE can turn their life around. It is never too late to try, to change and to make a difference.


    Please dare to dream. My ex used to constantly shut my thoughts and feelings down, he would laugh in my face and call me dreamer, today thanks to all my continuous hard work, a gorgeous and amazing husband who supports me and believes in me like no other ever has and a family who have been my rock even after all the pain I once caused them I can proudly say I am living my dreams ALL of them and you can too! ❤

  10. My Brain is Hurting but My Heart is Happy!

    October 2, 2014 by davinca

    She speaks again..

    I may as well warn you this is going to be a long one..
    Grab a cup of coffee, tea..any beverage will do, sit back make yourself comfortable while I deliver to you this seemingly interesting (well it is to me anyway) status/segment of my life in this present moment that I feel I need or would like to share with you now..

    You see these past few months have been that much more extra chaotic and intense in terms of how much I have on my to do list and need to try my best to achieve  with the time, the clock running against me each and everyday..
    I am sure pretty much every one of you here can relate when I sum it up with a saying we are familiar with – “there just are not enough hours in a day”

    Anyhoo..It’s been an awesomely big life at the moment and career wise my family and I am sky rocking to heights I have only ever dreamed which makes me incredibly, stupendously grateful, blessed and happy…As a flawed human but wonderful being ;) I become very internally crazy, Woj, the kids and my family see it, they hear me whine more than the average that my brain is going to explode. They hear me freaking out randomly that I don’t know how I am going to get it all done, I am doing things I have never done before and am making up and researching from others sources left right and centre. I am learning more at once and faster than I have ever before, I am teaching myself with life. I have come to accept that mistakes are wonderful as they are the cause of growth and personal development which ultimately is what radiates from my being, helping myself and others.

    A few times over the past days I have wondered if this is the hardest I have ever worked.  You see I quite easily forget.
    I have to remind myself that I build a house from scratch, not physically other than painting and shovelling of course..I mean I owner built, so I personally organized everything trade required to build a house from scratch to the complete hand sketch designed floor plan to sourcing the engineer’s drawings to architraves and skirtings, I learnt a lot about what it takes to build and construct and coordinate in those two years..I helped build our shop from our garage with my family.  I have been divorced twice married three times had two children and have bought and sold a few houses. I have hit rock bottom two times that I can recall as most traumatic but have crumbled to a temporarily useless mess too many times to remember, some have  probably  been blacked out but happily I can say I haven’t done that in 4 years since we lost Shane.  Only lil melt downs that have me hibernating away from the world for a few days to weeks at a time every few months or so.

    Wow reading that back I guess I am a hard worker; I survived it all and have turned out totally awesome!

    Yes she did just call herself awesome and she now runs a business that can help show you how to be your awesome self too” Cool huh? ;)

    Woah saying all this out loud in my head to myself while typing is soo self-therapising, I often to do this without even realising it.
    I really have been underestimating myself so much, I have been my own bully. I have been expecting way to much from myself and feeling like nothing I ever do is ever good enough. I have been in the trap that I am trying to teach others to free themselves from.

    It’s school holidays and from morning to night I have been sat here on the computer designing our brochure and working on the most important teaching opportunity  workshop of my life when I have no real computer skills, I only last night learnt some new word short cuts lol

    I have Emily, Bella and Jai yelling screaming and singing randomly in weird voices and asking me a million questions.
    Emily has played mum and yelled at me for not putting a dish away sometimes and then I am yelling “sshhh” to them while I am trying to reply to the pile of emails, edit work and take ph calls coordinating my brides for hair, make up and their ceremony.
    In the back of my mind I have my list of things I still need to do – I have my channels to work on and a testimonial to do for an important friend (yes you Maree) I have website work and the list goes on.
    For these past few days though with today’s deadline for the launch of our exciting new wedding packages, it is that I have predominantly been working/stressing on. I launched and, did my first ever power point presentation/document (thanks to hubby for getting me started)

    Jai, my lil man has been asking me every day to go out and kick the soccer ball around with him. You see he discovered two weeks ago that his mum had an impressive knack for soccer, it surprised her also.

    I sit there in front of the window, I see the sun shining and I envy it every now an then when my brain is not freaking out at the screen, them or in my head with a pressure,  Woj once told me  with his workload that his head felt like it is in a vice. This is exactly how I am feeling and as earlier explained to the kids, at times I could feel steam about to brew from my ears  like frankistien or the Munster’s I can’t remember which one or who it was..you know where I am going with it.

    I sent off my published brochure to my list of brides, fixed some mistakes that happened after I published and felt a sense of accomplishment, it was a brief moment of relief and the next thing came up..again I am typing when Jai asks if I am ready now? It was in that moment the urge to write this happened.
    I have had writers block for weeks, my own thoughts so racing I couldn’t settle on one thing at a time..Why does it hit me right when I felt compelled to write.?? Why? I started this article and stopped half was through, I didn’t want to but my son needed me more. You can probably tell where I stopped as when I returned the real crazy talk  flow had changed.
    It wasn’t as passionate and intense. However I picked up where I left off as  I am  no longer the procrastinator I once was, well as many of you who watch my channel would know it was January that I was publicly announcing that my procrastination had become a major set back in my life. In filming every day of my life for 80 days I became more actionable. It became my habit and then I became so busy with new jobs I no longer have the time to procrastinate. My dreams are here and if I don’t work they will disappear in the bubble they floated on.

    Soo anyway, back on track tangent Tash..

    At this point I decided enough is enough, it’s time to give him your attention, time to get some fresh air and accept a loving break. I sure as hell had earnt it!

    I now sit here physically burnt out too from all the running and kicking I am not used to but MUST do at least 3 times a week for 1/2hr is get out and be free with him. I have been reminded that I need to get some fitness, it helps a healthy body and mind stay strong, clears the head is fun and I need to practice my new found skills ;)

    As I get here to the end I am not really sure what the point is to all this I have written..
    I don’t have one obvious moral to my story today, however I do have a few lil ones here and there. I haven’t shared for so long and had stopped filming only as of Aug th so perhaps it was just time to share again??
    At times while writing this I was thinking that filming would have been easier and quicker to get out but then I have over 150 video’s yet to edit and upload, at least now I am at the end I can do a quick spell check, so major edit as well I am just seeing things now so sorry ;) and now embedded and press post…

    If you are still here to the end, thank you for reading inside my brain. Hope I have inspired you to go out and do something great, even for just ½ hour today do something for yourself, your family, loved one or future. <3

    P.s Usually I would add photo’s to break up the chunks of writing but word press is broken and won’t allow me to add media so it’s just plain ol boring text today! If you managed to read all this without falling asleep I will be so chuffed and love you forever ;) xx

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