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  1. My 30 Day Challenge

    March 3, 2015 by davinca

    My 30 day challenge that was off to a not so great start…

    Ok so today I started off the day with this delicious berry smoothie, walked Bella to the bus stop and ran pretty much all the way back..I have actually never ran as far and for as long as I did which I am so incredibly proud of..I got home and pretty much collapsed on the bed but that is to be expected…


    What I am not proud of and must confess to is that yesterday I failed myself BIG TIME!! So much so that I spent the entire day stewing over it and was so un motivated that this post was written and re written in my head from morning to night with new additions to add but never made it out of my head. I was just that exhausted, lazy and ashamed perhaps..

    Now first let me start with what may sound like excuses, perhaps that’s exactly what they are but they are genuine “facts” and possible “causes” to me so they are important to my story.

    Saturday night I had decided that I would officially begin my 30 day challenge on Monday, you just cause Monday sounds like a nice clean day to start a new beginning..Woj was starting his on Sunday. Woj has a very defined one – To cut out all sweets and sugar. I on the other hand am not so clear..I know that that is too much of a direct ask seeing as sugar and sweets have become my addiction once again since returning from NYC last July. My diet has gone down hill and my waistline and over all well being has gone down with it. My firbo is flaring up, I constantly feel iky and bloated and my clothes just do not fit me as well. This is not good! I am quite simply too busy to neglect my body like this, I am opening myself up to getting sicker and less productive. I quite simply cannot afford to continue this way. To cut myself off to harshly too quickly will also set me up for failure so I must go slow. 3 years ago I lost 13kg over two years and cured myself from stage 3 toxaemia. I did things the right way and had never felt better in all my life. This is where I need to go back.

    Ok tangent Tash back to Sat night…So I also told a friend, yes Sophie-Ellen, I am looking at you kid wink emoticon on an inspiring post I shared that I would be starting Monday, let’s do this tighter. I was excited and pumped. My biggest mistake first off is that I still was not clear with what I was setting. I knew I was going to cut as much junk out as possible and walk for 30mins Monday to Friday. I hadn’t written it down yet though which is an incredibly important part of any goal setting and something I am researching at the moment and will be implementing in my new role as Happiness Officer at Kwasi Studios. Man I need to get my shit sorted and setting an example or how can I expect the staff to take me seriously??..back on track…back on track..

    Sunday at work was hard, we were non stop from 9 to 5pm and then I headed to the office and worked till 8pm. By the time I got home I was worn out and wrecked! Monday morning arrives and awake soo tired it’s as if I didn’t sleep at all. At this point I wonder if my body is fighting off a sickness, there is a lot going around..I get on with school runs etc and come home to begin work, check a few emails and my eyes are dropping..My ph alarm goes off telling me to go for a walk, I am so tired I can’t even eat breakfast let alone walk, I must lay down and close my eyes..An hour later I wake, still sluggish but with the mindset I just must get up. I have breakfast which I make a conscious effort to not put as much butter and jam on and get back to it. After an hour or so I am long vision again, back for another nap before school pick up..This now is unheard off, I do not nap, let alone twice in one day!! I must be getting sick..I think about the motivating post I am supposed to be writing and I fall asleep at the thought..I awake for school pick up, mind again on this darn post. I now feel like I am letting Sophie down as well as myself..
    “I guess the fact I was on my feet and active for 11 or so hours yesterday counts for a days worth of exercise right?”

    “I have only had toast and refrained from my choc biscuit s dipped in tea so that’s great right”
    All these desperate reasoning’s go around in my mind..

    Pick up Jai, homework, quick slap dash dinner and off to the city for Ja’s soccer. I haven’t eaten anything else. I sit in the car for an hour and half . I had all my work with me, I indented to write my motivation post but did nothing for the first 30mins other than play candy crush and cookie jam..The last hour I was on the phone dealing with some work issues..by the time Jai got in the car I was hungry, more tired and now emotionally drained further..
    On the way home I think about what I shall eat when I get home. Tea, toast and bed it is.
    That’s about the same point when my addiction for junk speaks up, just like a devil on my shoulder and says –
    “oh Hungry Jacks”
    “just one last time”
    “ come on, it’s ok you haven’t had lunch, let alone dinner” ..that’s when the behaviour really goes down hill, I think of Jai “yeah he must be hungry”
    Oh god..the angel jumps in “no that food is terrible, we don’t eat that and you most certainly don’t want to infect his body with that rubbish” but the devil wins I ask him, he lights up and in the drive through we go…

    At this point I am done with myself, I have hit my ultimate low..oh wait nope, not yet, that’s comes when I order 2 burgers..Yep that’s right just the crispy chicken burger and small fries was not enough for this little miss piggy, I needed that cheeseburger special thing they have been teasing me with on t.v lately (I rarely even watch t.v and only saw this thing once actually but that was all I needed) Now I have never (well maybe once like 15 years ago) ordered two burgers..
    ….Did I think this was my last supper?? We sat in the car and I demolished these things like it was the first time I have ever discovered the glory that is food and like it would also as I said be my last..Guilt and shame washed over me. I wiped my mouth clean and told Jai that we must never do that again and if I ever ask him again in a moment of weakness to say “no mum we don’t need that rubbish” he agreed and we continued our journey home.

    …. Whatever guilt I had felt previously that day, well now I was just an utter disgrace. Again I wrote this blog with my new added addition..Came home did what I needed to do and went to bed playing my games again. I was so disappointed inmyself and tired I checked out mentally.
    “tomorrow is a new day”

    And so it was and is..

    I woke up tired and a bit unwell but I was not going to fail. So what my journey didn’t begin on Monday, sometimes shit happens. Yes I failed miserably haha but that just means I know better and can do better and today I have. It’s 3.30pm and I have not had any sweets despite my devil whispering “sweet” nothings in my ear. I exercised, briefly but it was a start and had a smoothie. Slow and steady wins the race.

    So who is with me? Who would like to take a 30 day challenge with me? I will be doing a 30 day challenge for the rest of the year and beyond, however long it takes to make the positive changes I needed on all fronts of my life. Last year I did my 80 day video challenge and it had me filming for 9months nonstop. I still haven’t been able to keep up with the editing and posting but that’s because what came of that journey changed my life for the better. So many new opportunity’s came my way and I am a much greater person because of it all.
    Woj doesn’t think I should do it with anyone as it will set me up and give me added pressure but we all know I never do as I am told hehe and well I may mess up and so may you but it’s ok, we are human. As long as we are trying our best that’s all we can ever ask from ourselves and others.

    Be it with me or alone, I wish you all the positive strength to set yourself a challenge to better and improve yourself..Step by step, day by day we can reach our goals and dreams we just have to be willing to work for it! <3 Natasha

  2. Love, Rainbows and Sunshine!

    November 14, 2014 by davinca

    One of my students today expressed her sadness that our workshop will be ending in 4 weeks time. She told me she wished it went longer and didn’t have to end..Two of my students now have told me they are excited to take on new classes next year and are positive about what lies ahead of them…
    I cannot begin to tell you how much this warms my heart and fills my soul with all things love, rainbows and sunshine :P
    I too only a few weeks ago expressed the exact same thing to my peers, that I do not want these classes to be over and I want to offer more for these girls.
    To hear it come from a beautiful young girl that I have had the honour of seeing grow and develop in such a short space of time right in front of me..Well I just don’t have the words…I am overwhelmed with love, joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

    You see when I started this workshop it was from a dream, a desire to help others feel a little bit better about themselves, to be excited about the future regardless of the challenges they face and to walk away with a few beauty tips and tricks. I went into this class with no expectations. Only my hopes and dreams. I had no clue what I was doing and am pretty much winging it each and every week yet only 4 weeks in and my dream is being unfolded right before my very eyes.

    I personally have learnt so much from these girls already. My one hope for them to leave this class with some authentic beauty, a desire to try their best in life and to not be afraid to make mistakes and mess up is already very much present.


    With one dream in motion I have now created some new ones – To continue developing further classes and I am now in the planing stages of developing a workshop for teenage boys. I want to help as many as I can, to inspire the youth of today that regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you think, you CAN create an amazing life – You are enough just the way you are. It’s all about being inspired and Inspiring others to be the best that we all can be. ❤




  3. My Brain is Hurting but My Heart is Happy!

    October 2, 2014 by davinca

    She speaks again..

    I may as well warn you this is going to be a long one..
    Grab a cup of coffee, tea..any beverage will do, sit back make yourself comfortable while I deliver to you this seemingly interesting (well it is to me anyway) status/segment of my life in this present moment that I feel I need or would like to share with you now..

    You see these past few months have been that much more extra chaotic and intense in terms of how much I have on my to do list and need to try my best to achieve  with the time, the clock running against me each and everyday..
    I am sure pretty much every one of you here can relate when I sum it up with a saying we are familiar with – “there just are not enough hours in a day”

    Anyhoo..It’s been an awesomely big life at the moment and career wise my family and I am sky rocking to heights I have only ever dreamed which makes me incredibly, stupendously grateful, blessed and happy…As a flawed human but wonderful being ;) I become very internally crazy, Woj, the kids and my family see it, they hear me whine more than the average that my brain is going to explode. They hear me freaking out randomly that I don’t know how I am going to get it all done, I am doing things I have never done before and am making up and researching from others sources left right and centre. I am learning more at once and faster than I have ever before, I am teaching myself with life. I have come to accept that mistakes are wonderful as they are the cause of growth and personal development which ultimately is what radiates from my being, helping myself and others.

    A few times over the past days I have wondered if this is the hardest I have ever worked.  You see I quite easily forget.
    I have to remind myself that I build a house from scratch, not physically other than painting and shovelling of course..I mean I owner built, so I personally organized everything trade required to build a house from scratch to the complete hand sketch designed floor plan to sourcing the engineer’s drawings to architraves and skirtings, I learnt a lot about what it takes to build and construct and coordinate in those two years..I helped build our shop from our garage with my family.  I have been divorced twice married three times had two children and have bought and sold a few houses. I have hit rock bottom two times that I can recall as most traumatic but have crumbled to a temporarily useless mess too many times to remember, some have  probably  been blacked out but happily I can say I haven’t done that in 4 years since we lost Shane.  Only lil melt downs that have me hibernating away from the world for a few days to weeks at a time every few months or so.

    Wow reading that back I guess I am a hard worker; I survived it all and have turned out totally awesome!

    Yes she did just call herself awesome and she now runs a business that can help show you how to be your awesome self too” Cool huh? ;)

    Woah saying all this out loud in my head to myself while typing is soo self-therapising, I often to do this without even realising it.
    I really have been underestimating myself so much, I have been my own bully. I have been expecting way to much from myself and feeling like nothing I ever do is ever good enough. I have been in the trap that I am trying to teach others to free themselves from.

    It’s school holidays and from morning to night I have been sat here on the computer designing our brochure and working on the most important teaching opportunity  workshop of my life when I have no real computer skills, I only last night learnt some new word short cuts lol

    I have Emily, Bella and Jai yelling screaming and singing randomly in weird voices and asking me a million questions.
    Emily has played mum and yelled at me for not putting a dish away sometimes and then I am yelling “sshhh” to them while I am trying to reply to the pile of emails, edit work and take ph calls coordinating my brides for hair, make up and their ceremony.
    In the back of my mind I have my list of things I still need to do – I have my channels to work on and a testimonial to do for an important friend (yes you Maree) I have website work and the list goes on.
    For these past few days though with today’s deadline for the launch of our exciting new wedding packages, it is that I have predominantly been working/stressing on. I launched and, did my first ever power point presentation/document (thanks to hubby for getting me started)

    Jai, my lil man has been asking me every day to go out and kick the soccer ball around with him. You see he discovered two weeks ago that his mum had an impressive knack for soccer, it surprised her also.

    I sit there in front of the window, I see the sun shining and I envy it every now an then when my brain is not freaking out at the screen, them or in my head with a pressure,  Woj once told me  with his workload that his head felt like it is in a vice. This is exactly how I am feeling and as earlier explained to the kids, at times I could feel steam about to brew from my ears  like frankistien or the Munster’s I can’t remember which one or who it was..you know where I am going with it.

    I sent off my published brochure to my list of brides, fixed some mistakes that happened after I published and felt a sense of accomplishment, it was a brief moment of relief and the next thing came up..again I am typing when Jai asks if I am ready now? It was in that moment the urge to write this happened.
    I have had writers block for weeks, my own thoughts so racing I couldn’t settle on one thing at a time..Why does it hit me right when I felt compelled to write.?? Why? I started this article and stopped half was through, I didn’t want to but my son needed me more. You can probably tell where I stopped as when I returned the real crazy talk  flow had changed.
    It wasn’t as passionate and intense. However I picked up where I left off as  I am  no longer the procrastinator I once was, well as many of you who watch my channel would know it was January that I was publicly announcing that my procrastination had become a major set back in my life. In filming every day of my life for 80 days I became more actionable. It became my habit and then I became so busy with new jobs I no longer have the time to procrastinate. My dreams are here and if I don’t work they will disappear in the bubble they floated on.

    Soo anyway, back on track tangent Tash..

    At this point I decided enough is enough, it’s time to give him your attention, time to get some fresh air and accept a loving break. I sure as hell had earnt it!

    I now sit here physically burnt out too from all the running and kicking I am not used to but MUST do at least 3 times a week for 1/2hr is get out and be free with him. I have been reminded that I need to get some fitness, it helps a healthy body and mind stay strong, clears the head is fun and I need to practice my new found skills ;)

    As I get here to the end I am not really sure what the point is to all this I have written..
    I don’t have one obvious moral to my story today, however I do have a few lil ones here and there. I haven’t shared for so long and had stopped filming only as of Aug th so perhaps it was just time to share again??
    At times while writing this I was thinking that filming would have been easier and quicker to get out but then I have over 150 video’s yet to edit and upload, at least now I am at the end I can do a quick spell check, so major edit as well I am just seeing things now so sorry ;) and now embedded and press post…

    If you are still here to the end, thank you for reading inside my brain. Hope I have inspired you to go out and do something great, even for just ½ hour today do something for yourself, your family, loved one or future. <3

    P.s Usually I would add photo’s to break up the chunks of writing but word press is broken and won’t allow me to add media so it’s just plain ol boring text today! If you managed to read all this without falling asleep I will be so chuffed and love you forever ;) xx


    August 29, 2014 by davinca

    At the bottom of this page is a post shared on Facebook that I  believe is to important not share….

    At the moment our family is going through a very tough time which requires many things including work and the shop to take a back seat. Once again we are faced with just how short life really is and how it can all be taken from you in an instant. The most important thing at this time is our family rallying around to support one another. We are un sure how long this will be, regardless we continue to stay strong and do what needs to be done and when.
    I urge you all to take a moment today, this glorious sun shining day to stop and hug, kiss, call or message a loved one. Be it family, friend or a pet, love is love and it deserves to be shared always. The only moment we can be sure of is right now, don’t waste it with what if’s, hows and why’s, with guilt, regret or anger, just love as at the end of the day it’s the only thing that matters, once you are gone it’s the only thing that gets left behind and the only thing that those behind remember and feel. The love we shared and the memories we created not the cars we drove or the money we did or did not have.


    Thanks Cosi Andrew Costello for writing this and to my sister Amy Costa for sharing this today.
    Thank you to everyone for your patience, love, support and understanding. We will keep you posted and will respond to all messages, inquiries and emails in time. We have bookings for Father’s Day, I have Make up bookings and we have Weddings in the coming months that will be our number one work focus, anything extra unfortunately may have to wait at this time. We will however do our absolute best. Amy and I will open when when can, it will however be just a bit slower and the menu will be reduced slightly. I can be reached on my mobile or via email natasha@davince.com. Facebook messages are not the best way as they get easily lost. If you have sent me something and I have not responded please re send as I am a little inundated atm.Happy Tuesday beautiful people and big hugs and love to you all. <3 Natasha

    Like any working adult work/life balance seems to be one of the hardest struggles for me. As the only income stream for our family of 5, so often work wins out over a family moment, I’ve missed loads of family time cause of work. I’ve made a conscious effort in the past two years to try to devote more time to being there for the kids but its hard. My wife fills me in each week with the school events that I otherwise would have no idea existed.. Disco Day, Kindy Art Night, Morning tea, Daddy’s breakfast, etc etc I then cross check the calendar and see what I can and cant get too. Last week my wife Sam gave me the heads up on a morning assembly later that week that was ” A big one!” My 6 year old Matilda was delivering some lines to welcome everyone to the school assembly on the microphone.I did the dreaded calender check and saw I had filming at 930am. Assembly started at 9, so assuming she gave those first two lines by 9:05 I could be in the car by 9:07 and at Channel 9 by 9:30 – I can do this..Sure it will be like a scene from the GREAT RACE but it can happen. Assembly day comes and we take two cars to school one being my getaway car, ready to roll at 9:07am. We walk into school with Matilda practicing her lines for assembly as my wife and I either side give her a 1,2,3 as I check my watch every two minutes to see how I’m looking for time.. Her pigtails flop about as she unpacks her school bag then I kneel down and look her in the eye “Daddy’s going to be watching you do you lines honey then I’ve gotta go to work but Mummy’s staying for all of assembly” There was a look of fear in her blue eyes as she said “But DADDY.. You’ll miss the Hungry Caterpillar play we are doing!!!” I stand up and look at my wife… OH DEAR GOD What play??? There’s more?? You are shitting me??? After a quick cross check, sure enough the receptions had their Hungry Caterpillar play half way thru assembly making my 9:30 mission impossible.. These are the moments when work needs to take a back seat, just because it has too.. Assembly starts and my girl delivers those lines like she was presenting an Oscar, then its not long before the kids are delivering a stirring rendition of The Hungry Caterpillar.. My phones vibrating away in my pocket but it didn’t matter. Life passes by so quickly and before I know it my little hungry caterpillar would soon be all grown up into a big butterfly and maybe Daddy wouldn’t be needed as much anymore.. So while she wants me there she gets me… the camera crew, make up artist and voice over session can just take a back seat for a little while. I soaked up every moment of that assembly and shared glances, tongue pokes and giggles with my little Matilda from across the assembly.
    I drove past the bottom of the freeway today where the truck accident happened and thought of those poor people who sat in their cars at the lights not knowing what was about to unfold and the one who sadly lost his life.. It makes you think how quickly life can pass you by and at any minute our number could be up. So all the more reason to not miss your kids special moments or to end that long fight with a friend, hug your kids some more or overuse the phrase “I love you” Time is very very precious, sadly most Aussies don’t realize that till we are laying in a hospital bed. There is a great song called “Live like you are dying” Its all about a bloke who finds out he has cancer, its worth a listen. Yes its a country song but take a listen, I think you will love the words. I’ll post it in the comments section. How do you all go with work/life balance???
    There was a photo of Cossie’s beautiful daughter Matilda attached but was not sure it was my place to add it into my article so decided against it. You can visit his facebook to see more wonderful things by him here – CosiCostello

  5. What Make – Up means to me now

    July 3, 2014 by davinca

    Lol oh how I remember these days, and some days believe me, accidents and liner mistakes and frustrations STILL happen!

    Click me to find out what I am referring to –

    This is why I have stepped away from glamour makeup and now teach and specialize in the art of simple, natural makeup. Something that is easy and most importantly highlights your features for a fun, fresh and beautiful look you can wear daily and amp up for night time with no stress no matter what age or how bad you “think” you are at applying makeup.
    Of course for me personally a simple look includes wearing my signature bright lip
    (as pictured here hehe)


    although that is not for everyone one I highly recommend though that you step out your comfort zone and give it a try, which is where my coaching business comes in…
    Authentic Beauty by Natasha
    I have the privilege of doing something that is so much more valuable and important to me than just making someone up to look and feel pretty for one day and night. I am able to use makeup as a tool to teach women/girls how to feel confident, to see how truly beautiful they are even at the end of the night when they take their makeup off.
    Now that to me truly is the #bestjobever


    ❤ Much love and happiness Natasha xx


88 Crosshill Road, One Tree Hill, SA, 5114
Book now on 08 8280 7507 or email info@davince.com.au