Da Vince is a family operated business featuring a cafe with food made by love and delicious home made cakes, hand-painted statues & tables and Roma Bella – The Fountain of Secrets; the perfect venue for your wedding

The perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy an afternoon.

Welcome To Our Family…

Written May 2014

Hi! I am Tash (aka DaVinca), a new name created by the master himself, my dad/my hero “Da Vince” that I am quite liking and adopting for myself.

Ok so for all of you that have already been to the shop and know our story feel free to skip over this part. For all new comers who would like a rundown – here’s the deal…

Art-Through Da Vince’s Eyes is our family run business. We converted our carport into the shop/cafe which has been our family home for 23years.

My dad Vince, my mum Rose, my uncle Tony, sister Amy, brother in law Matt and I all worked together to create the shop / cafe that you see today. Together dad, Tony and Matt made all the concrete created around the shop. From the fence to the paths, to the statues to the tables: All of these things have been created outside of business hours as they run Kerb Artist and produce kerbing during the day for various sub divisions, shopping centres etc.

Dad is the creator who can turn all concrete to life with his amazing and unique style of painting and ideas.

Dad & Mum creating the shop

Then we head into the shop where the true magic begins to shine.

Mum is the master of the kitchen and all the food is made by her which includes the delicious cakes, scones and growing range of savoury meals. We originally started as just a little place for coffee and cake whilst people had a chance to see dad’s work but once people began trying mum’s cakes and being wowed by the portion sizes, requests came in for more. So now mum has created a monster for herself (ha ha), the demand is huge and so very unexpected. Hey, we knew how great mum’s food was, but don’t we all think our mum’s cooking is great? She has expanded in what she is creating and dad, Amy and I are thoroughly enjoying eating it all! I am the official taste tester, greatest job ever! I delegated that one to myself too haha…

So now on top of running the concreting business, she now bakes and food shops endlessly… How on earth will we ever find someone to fill her shoes? Mum also helped with the painting and creating of the shop and puts up with dad’s big ideas and artistic ways on a daily basis. What a super woman!

Now to Amy… ah my little sis, what extensive talents she has! Amy assists mum in the kitchen. She runs the shop, makes all our menus, brochures and newsletters, runs the face book sight, manages the business side of things, is the creator of the massive / indulgent pancakes, ice cream sundaes and the master of the coffee machine. Currently she is 7 months pregnant and has 2 year old Miabella-Rose in the mix (my niece/god daughter who is a true devil/angel as is her picture in the shop). She has a special place in my heart: she is the light in a dark day to me. My little sis impresses me on a weekly basis every time I see her.

As for myself Tash… I brain storm with dad on a regular basis. I hope in the next year or so to be taught by dad how to paint as he does (hence carrying on the awesome name ‘Davinca’). I am a little bit quirky with an ever changing style. I am the one you will see most times, provided I can be opening the door for you to enter. I am currently waitressing and I am by no means proper with my serving but ever so happy to do it until I can afford to pay someone do it for me hehe..

I am also a make-up artist, something I do purely for the love of it just as dad does his art. I do this from inside the shop. As my slogan says “bringing out your inner beauty to make you truly licious” I stand by this, everyone is beautiful and I simply highlight that for them. The reactions I receive from my clients are so rewarding and heart warming. There is something so special about seeing a person’s eyes light up when they look at themselves in the mirror. It is a similar feeling I get when customers come to our home. The smiles brighten up my every day. Many of our customers have become our friends. I get excited about going to work. Not only do I get to be with my family but I get to see my regulars and all the new people they bring including all the new people who discover us on their own.

I have two gorgeous, amazing, smart, funny, talented, kind and polite children: Isabella, 12 and Jai-Luca, 7. Big intro I know but hey, it’s true! Bella has been seen helping out in the shop when it’s busy on the weekends. Jai you will find on the weekend outside playing with your children or grand children. When we say we are family friendly, we truly mean it.

Last but not least the new addition to our family is my partner in life Wojciech (you can just call him Woj, it’s easier and many do). He is the wonderful creator of this website and my inspiration when my dad and kids are not around. Between him and my family I am so blessed and so inspired to do what I believe in most which is to spread love, positivity, peace and happiness… I know as I have stated in “From the Heart of Tash” that may sound airy fairy to some but to me that is the way life should be.

Positive, strong, hardworking and united this is us.

Please feel free to come to our home and share in all we have to offer.

Look forward to meeting with you all.

♥ Much love Tash xx

88 Crosshill Road, One Tree Hill, SA, 5114
Book now on 08 8280 7507 or email info@davince.com.au