A Lifelong Dream Comes True!

October 16, 2014 by davinca

I am a little nervous and extremely excited for tomorrow as a lifelong dream of mine comes true..

I will be doing one of the most important jobs I have ever done.

When I think about it I have many important jobs, most importantly and at the top of my list I am a mum. Second a wife.

I help run and represent my gorgeous family business Art – Through Da Vince’s Eyes where I welcome people to our home, ensure their served with love and are comfortable as I would any guest, family member or friend who comes in our home. I test the food before it is served (I eat a bit of each and every plate hehe just kidding!  I make every single cup of coffee and drink with love and care. Over what now has nearly been 5 years we have an abundance of regular customers and extended family members with new bonds been made every single Sunday when I am there serving once again.


I am the person who meets our couples to be married; I am the point of call for the entire process along the way, in some cases this has been for over a year and half before their wedding date. I have ended up being a life coach/wedding planner with some, most recently over a phone call with my bride who was in QLD demanding she go try on her dress after admitting it had been 9 nearly a year since she last tried it on and she was too afraid. I had her drinking green tea and feeling restored that all would be ok.

I instill calm and laughter into these beautiful women who are nervous and unsure of the process at times. I create friendships with them all and in most cases are there first thing on the wedding day morning to do their make up and have organized their hair, I help with them getting dressed and ready for the moment that they have all be waiting for. I am the one that works with the celebrant and the timing of the bridal parties’ entrance and the last person the bride sees before she makes her long awaited and nerve wracking journey down the red carpet to greet her husband to be.

My family and I sit and watch every single ceremony take place. Once it comes times for the photo’s there I am again helping set up shots, fixing the dress so it looks it’s best. Most recently last weekend I was running around tracking down shoes for the flower girl who had blisters and was in need of something more comfy and providing band aids and comfort. I am there till the end when it’s time for everyone to leave. Hugs are shared and we are thanked profusely which always blows me away and touches me so deeply. We are being thanked for doing something we love, being involved in a couples most special day. I thank each and every one of my couples for choosing us and to their families also who share their lives and thank you’s with us too.


As if all these jobs were not enough to fill my heart and life with grace. There is more – With my own business Authentic Beauty by Natasha I apply and teach make up for formals, special occasions and women of all ages


As of tomorrow my Authentic Beauty coaching will be bought to life.
I will be teaching 9 girls aged from 12 to 19 every Friday for the next 9 weeks of this term a very special program we developed especially for them. A programme I am determined to continually develop and improve on and deliver to as many girls as I can all over Adelaide.

I would like to thank Danielle  and Mission Australia for this opportunity. For believing me and accepting me for who I am. Words alone simply cannot describe how grateful I am for this opportunity. To develop and teach a program based on all I believe in from my core centre. To teach others how to be Authentic, to shine from within and how to take care of yourself, to look and feel and always do your best is quite simply a dream come true!

You see what some of you may not know is that I have ADD and moderate Dyslexia. I was left behind in school and dropped out as I was unable to learn and back then I was just viewed as troubled rather than a little girl who needed extra help. I had to go out into the world and learn everything the hard way.

It wasn’t until I was 28 after I had destroyed my entire life that I realised something was seriously wrong and that I needed help desperately. At that stage I had also developed “Border Line personality” which was driving me to hurt myself and those around me on a daily basis. As a mother of two children I wanted nothing more than to be better so that they could learn the right things from me not the wrong. I spent two years every Friday in therapy, and have been spending every day of my life since then (8 years now) working on always improving and learning from my mistakes. I have in the past two years discovered how to learn most effectively for my abilities which has opened new doors and a world of information to me. I love to learn but am unable to do it in the conventional way. I struggle every single day with some tasks that are so simple to others but I now learn every minute of everyday and am now low and behold going to be teaching others..SHIT!! I am filling up with tears now..I am going to be a teacher omgomgomg!!

I am here to show the world that your past, you struggles, your mistakes and flaws do NOT define you! What you do with your life and what you have been given and who you are within, how you treat yourself and others – that is what defines you.

Back in high school I sat at the back of the class as a looser a troubled lil lost soul.

Tomorrow 22 years later I will stand at the front of the class room and teach a part of what I have learnt, who I am. I have only shared a small part of the darkness I have endured; I do openly share it with anyone who asks. I have no secrets. I am an open book.

I am an example of how ANYONE can turn their life around. It is never too late to try, to change and to make a difference.


Please dare to dream. My ex used to constantly shut my thoughts and feelings down, he would laugh in my face and call me dreamer, today thanks to all my continuous hard work, a gorgeous and amazing husband who supports me and believes in me like no other ever has and a family who have been my rock even after all the pain I once caused them I can proudly say I am living my dreams ALL of them and you can too! ❤

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